MTG Eldritch Moon Pre-Orders Available NOW!

June 21st, 2016


Alternate Universes is taking pre-orders for MTG Eldritch Moon booster boxes and Fat Packs, as well pre-orders for playsets of Eldritch Moon commons and uncommons (only available online)!  Come in to any of our stores through Wednesday, July 20th and pre-order your product today at awesome discounted prices!

Available for order in-store:

Eldritch Moon booster box: $105 (discounted from $120 plus tax!)
Eldritch Moon Fat Packs: $39.95
(plus taxes where applicable)

Available for order via the online store:

Common/Uncommon Eldritch Moon playsets are available for $44.99 each!
Eldritch Moon singles will be added as they are spoiled!
(plus taxes where applicable)

For box pre-orders, you’ll also get the Eldritch Moon Buy-a-Box promo Thalia, Heretic Cathar! (one per person)

Pre-orders must be paid in-full up front, and they guarantee you your MTG Eldritch Moon products at the time of release (Friday, July 22nd).  Prices for Eldritch Moon boxes will otherwise will be $120 plus tax, so come in and pre-order your product ASAP!