MTG Aether Revolt Sealed Two-Headed Giant Launch Party – Saturday, January 21st at AU Wilmington

January 2nd, 2017

Alternate Universes will be holding a special Aether Revolt Two-Headed Giant Launch Weekend Tournament on Saturday, January 21st at AU Wilmington!  Two-Headed Giant is a multiplayer format where teams of two face off against each other. Each team starts with 30 life and turns are shared by teammates. Each player is allowed one free mulligan.

Each team will receive two Aether Revolt Prerelease Packs with which to build their decks!  All participants will also receive the exclusive Launch Promo card Saheeli’s Artistry (while supplies last).  Booster pack or store credit prizes (your choice) will be awarded based on attendance!

Alternate Universes Wilmington
Talleyville Shopping Center
3615A Silverside Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19810

Entry: $50 per team
Format: SEALED Two-Headed Giant
Registration begins: 2:30PM
Deckbuilding begins: 3 PM

Each team of two players will receive 2 Aether Revolt Prerelease Packs (one per person!) with which to build their decks.
Prizes will be based on attendance.  For each participating team, 4 booster packs of Aether Revolt will be added to the prize pool.

All participants will receive the Launch Promo card Quicksmith Rebel! (while supplies last)