MTG Dominaria Sealed PPTQ – Sunday, April 29th at AU Holmes

April 9th, 2018


Alternate Universes is hosting a SEALED
Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier (PPTQ) for PT Atlanta
on Sunday, April 29th at Alternate Universes Holmes

Here are the details:

Format: SEALED
Each player will receive 6 booster packs of Dominaria with which to build a deck. Lands will be provided at the event!

Entry fee: $35 online & in-store preregistration ($40 at the door)

Registration opens: 10:30 AM
Deck-building begins: 11:00 AM
Tournament begins: Noon

For online registration please click the link below:


1st place: 1 booster box of Dominaria + Invite to Regional Pro Tour Qualifier for PT Atlanta!
2nd place: 2 booster boxes of Dominaria
3rd & 4th place: 18 packs of Dominaria each
5th – 8th: 9 packs of Dominaria each

Swiss rounds (expect 6-7 rounds); best of 3 games; Cut to Top 8

All players are eligible to play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for this season except the following:

  • Players who have already won a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier during the current qualification season
  • Players with a Pro Tour Players Club Platinum Level, Gold Level, or Silver level (as of the date of the Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier).
  • Players that are members of the Pro Tour Hall of Fame.
  • Players who are otherwise already qualified for that season’s Regional Pro Tour Qualifier