Pokemon ARG Delaware State Championships – Sunday, July 1st at AU Wilmington

June 10th, 2018

Alternate Universes is hosting the Pokemon ARG State Championship for Delaware as part of ARG’s State Championship series!
The tournament will take place at AU Wilmington on Sunday, July 1st!

This event is open to anyone!  The winner will be Delaware’s ARG State Champion, and will win the Pokemon Champion Playmat, an ARG Invitational Invite, a round 1 bye at the ARG Invitational, and an ARG lapel pin!  The Top 8 finishers will each win an exclusive Top 8 Playmat, an ARG Invitational Invite, and the ARG lapel pin!  If we get 16 or more participants, we’ll add 2 Booster Boxes into the Top 8 prize pool, and if we get 32 or more we’ll add 4 Booster Boxes!  There will also be cool door prizes!!!

For info on the ARG Invitational, click here: https://www.argcircuitseries.com/arg-invitational.html

Alternate Universes Wilmington
Talleyville Shopping Center
3615A Silverside Road
Wilmington, DE 19810

Format: Standard
Decklists are required for this event!  They will be available in-store the day of the event, or can be found online here: https://www.argcircuitseries.com/uploads/6/8/9/7/68975583/2018_ultra_prism_8.5×11.pdf

Entry: $25

Registration begins: 11 AM
Tournament begins: Noon

1st Place: Pokemon Champion Playmat, ARG Invitational Invite, ARG Invitational Round 1 Bye, ARG lapel pin
2nd – 8th Place: Pokemon Top 8 Playmat, ARG Invitational Invite, ARG lapel pin

If 16+ players enter, 2 booster boxes will be added to the Top 8 prize pool
If 32+ players enter, 4 booster boxes will be added to the Top 8 prize pool!