MTG Philadelphia Legacy Series Tournament – Saturday, September 21st at AU Blue Bell

August 23rd, 2019

Alternate Universes is holding a Magic: the Gathering Philadelphia Legacy Series Tournament at AU Blue Bell on Saturday, September 21st!

Alternate Universes has teamed up with Top Deck Games and Redcap’s Corner to run a special series of Legacy format tournaments with big prizes and coverage!

The PLS consists of three kinds of events: weekly Legacy tournaments at each of the three PLS stores; one big Legacy Series tournament at each store; and a final Legacy Series Championship. Each of these events awards points, which go toward awarding byes and special prizes to players with lots of points! Each of the three big events awards a round 1 bye to Eternal Weekend on top of other prizes!

Points structure:
– Weekly Legacy events at all 3 stores award points to each player
– Points multipliers for series: 1x for weeklies, 10x for events #1-3, 15x for the final event
– The 8 players with the most points going into the final event will receive a bye
– Invitational token to points leader after all events

Alternate Universes Blue Bell
Penn Square Shopping Center
211 W. Germantown Pike
East Norriton, PA 19401

Entry fee: $30

Registration: 11 AM
Tournament begins: Noon

Prizes will be awarded to Top 4, with $500 store credit guaranteed to be awarded with 20 or fewer total players!
1st Place also wins a Round 1 Bye at Eternal Weekend plus an Eternal Weekend playmat! Another EW playmat will be given away as a door prize to a random player!