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MTG Shadows Over Innistrad Pre-Orders Available NOW!

March 12th, 2016


Alternate Universes is taking pre-orders for MTG Shadows Over Innistrad booster boxes and Fat Packs, as well pre-orders for playsets of Shadows Over Innistrad commons and uncommons (only available online)!  Come in to any of our stores through Wednesday, April 6th and pre-order your product today at awesome discounted prices!

Available for order in-store:

Shadows Over Innistrad booster box: $105 (discounted from $120 plus tax!)
Shadows Over Innistrad Fat Packs: $39.95
(plus taxes where applicable)

Available for order via the online store:

Common/Uncommon Shadows Over Innistrad playsets are available for $44.99 each!
Shadows Over Innistrad singles will be added as they are spoiled!
(plus taxes where applicable)

For box pre-orders, you’ll also get the Shadows Over Innistrad Buy-a-Box promo Elusive Tormentors! (one per person)

Pre-orders must be paid in-full up front, and they guarantee you your MTG Shadows Over Innistrad products at the time of release (Friday, April 8th).  Prices for Shadows Over Innistrad boxes will otherwise will be $120 plus tax, so come in and pre-order your product ASAP!