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Dominaria Booster Box Pre-Orders Available Now!

March 23rd, 2018

Dominaria booster box pre-orders are now available at Alternate Universes!

$105 at AU Holmes and AU Blue Bell
$99 at AU Wilmington
Tax included!

Cases are available for pre-order for $600!

As part of the Wizards Play Network, we’re offering the Firestone and Sunspeaker WPN exclusive promo to the first 60 customers to purchase Dominaria booster boxes at each of our stores!

This card is ONLY available as a WPN Buy-A-Box promo! You can’t pull it anywhere else!

You can pick up your Dominaria boxes during prerelease weekend, April 21st & 22nd! If you miss prerelease weekend, you’ll have to wait until April 27th!