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Pokemon TCG Rebel Clash Booster Boxes, Prerelease Kits, and Singles Available NOW!

March 19th, 2020

Pokemon TCG Sword and Shield Rebel Clash logo

Pokemon TCG Rebel Clash booster boxes, Prerelease Kits, and card singles
are now available in our online store!

Free shipping on orders anywhere in the US!

Pokemon Sword & Shield Rebel Clash is the latest expansion of the Pokemon Trading Card Game!

Rebel Clash booster boxes are available for $120 plus tax!
Booster Boxes come unopened with 36 booster packs, each containing 10 cards!

Rebel Clash Prerelease Kits are available for $29.99 plus tax!
A Rebel Clash Prerelease Kit includes:

  • 4x Pokemon TCG Rebel Clash booster packs
  • 1x 22-card Evolution pack
  • 1x Prerelease Promo card
  • Each Prerelease Kit you buy from us includes 3 bonus Rebel Clash booster packs for a total of 7 booster packs!

Rebel Clash Singles are available now, guaranteed pack-fresh and in near mint condition!


Join The Alternate Universes Discord Server!

March 27th, 2020

Discord app logo


We made an official Alternate Universes Discord server!

Now you can connect with us even though our physical stores are closed for the time being. Our online store is still open!

Request singles and products, play games with others over video chat, get updates on events and store news, and participate in events such as Magic: the Gathering FNM at Home!


Shop Small With Alternate Universes During COVID-19

March 27th, 2020

screenshot of Alternate Universes' online store

As you may know, we are a small, family-owned business, and as such a closure for any amount of time greatly affects us. Even though our stores are closed, there are still several ways you can support us, including shopping with us online, or using a code for an affiliate program. Your patronage is GREATLY appreciated during this time, and we hope we can make your support worth your while!

Click here for our online store!

• Our online store has recently been stocked with things we don’t usually list online!

• Convert store credit you already have and use it online!
If you already have store credit with us, you can convert any amount of it so that it can be used with our online store!

• Buy store credit online and get a bonus!
Now you can buy store credit online! Purchase $25 or $50 store credit for a 10% bonus! Purchase $100 store credit for a 15% bonus!

• Use the code GOLDSTANDARD for 10% off your first purchase!

Our online store has also been stocked with card singles from the cases at all three stores! If you’re looking for any card singles or products that you can’t find online, contact us on our new Discord server and we’ll help you out as best we can. Thanks again for all your support!



ChannelFireball MagicFest Online Affiliate Codes – Support AU For No Extra Cost!

March 27th, 2020

The generous folks at ChannelFireball are helping out Local Game Stores like us through a new LGS Affiliate Program.

Whenever you participate in a MagicFest Online event in MTG Arena or purchase a MagicFest in a Box from ChannelFireball, use one of our affiliate codes during check out and 10% of the order will go directly to us, at no extra cost to you!

Use any of these codes during check out to help support us:

Alternate Universes Holmes

Alternate Universes E. Norriton

Alternate Universes Wilmington

We greatly appreciate having the support of our amazing community during the COVID-19 quarantine. Having to close for any amount of time is always a challenge for us, so any help you can give us right now is greatly appreciated. When we open again we hope you will join us for our weekly FNM events or any of our bigger special events for any of our games. Also please consider shopping from our online store. Thank you again!

MagicFest in a Box promotional image


Holmes, E. Norriton, and Wilmington Stores Closed Until Further Notice

March 27th, 2020

MTG Order of the Stars card art by Heather Hudson
Alternate Universes Holmes, E. Norriton/Blue Bell, and Wilmington are closed until further notice, by order of the governors of Pennsylvania and Delaware.
Our online store is still open. If you’d like to support us, please consider purchasing from us there. You can also purchase store credit from our online store with a bonus for $25, $50, and $100 store credit purchases.
Also please join our new Discord server to stay connected with us, find card singles, play games with others, and participate in events like Magic FNM at home.
Please check back here or on our Facebook or Twitter pages for future updates. Thank you and remember to stay home!

Welcome to Alternate Universes!

March 13th, 2010

Now with three locations! Come in and play your favorite collectable card or miniatures game at our clean, well lit facilities! Plenty of table space available for open play every day. We sell & buy single cards for Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! & Pokemon at all of our stores.

We are very happy to announce that Alternate Universes has opened an online store selling singles and sealed product of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and more!