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Topic review - October Warhammer 40k tournament
Author Message
  Post subject:  Re: October Warhammer 40k tournament  Reply with quote
Todays Results:
1) Kevin Iron hands 122pts
2) John Iron hands 118pts
3) Mark Orksies 114pts
4) Tyler Death Guard 104pts
5) Shane Tau 102 pts
6) Mike C Imperial Guard 92pts
7) Craig Chaos Soup 90pts
8) Mike M Chaos Soup 84pts
9) Jay Tyranids 78pts
10) Tj Chaos soup 78pts
11) Jenny Slanesh 76pts
12) Brent Chaos soup 75pts
13) Eric Imperial soup 75pts
14) Jack Custodes / Knights 71pts
15) Jeff Chaos soup 70pts

Today we had 16 players one player had to drop midway thru the first turn creating a byes in all three rounds. (Hopefully everything is okay) A couple of things before we get to the results.... after tonight’s tournament results were announced (@8:15) sign ups were taken for Manfest IX: .... the second thing.... rather than being overly descriptive in the tournament results for the armies they will be a little more generalized (per Craig’s request) and finally Proxies (full model) will no longer be permitted at any Au event. All models need to properly represented on the tabletop. With that in mind scratch built /conversions, third party models are always welcomed. If you have any questions about this ruling please don’t not hesitate to ask. Weapon, equipment, and item proxies are still permitted. Again if you have any questions about this ruling please ASK! All rulings on this are final, Craig AND Jack (me) will discuss together and make a judgment call on this. Please do not look at this as discouraging conversions,... there is a difference!
No back to the juiciness...
Kevin took first, followed by John both playing iron hands. There was a four way tie for sportsman Mike C, Tj, Brent and Eric. Tyler had best painted followed closely by Jenny. Next months tournament in on November 9th.... viewtopic.php?f=196&t=2136
and Manfest will be on December 7th! viewtopic.php?f=249&t=2137
[ Post details ] Post Posted: Sat Oct 12, 2019 9:10 pm
  Post subject:  October Warhammer 40k tournament  Reply with quote
2000pts Warhammer 40k - Alternate Universes Tournament

October 12, 2019- 10am - 8pm (Store opens at 9)
$10 entrance fee
3 - 2 hour 45minute rounds with one break after round 1.

Nova Missions
Forgeworld is allowed.

Forge World Imperial Armor units may be used. The actual Forge World model, or a PRE- Approved Scratch built.

What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), is preferred but not required.
Proxies: Are allowed (with t.o. desecration.)

• Codex Moratorium: We will have a 1 week moratorium on all codex's

* The first floor of terrain/ ruins blocks line of sight, please discuss all terrain with your opponents before you start playing.

For the first round of games, pairings will be randomly generated by the TO by any mystical way he chooses. Subsequent pairings after the first round will be determined by Swiss Style pairings, meaning players of equal standing are matched up for the next round.

Overall Champion, a combination of battle points and Sportsmanship scores (Sportsmanship breaks ties)

Sportsman: Players will judge they’re opponents in the order that they enjoyed their game; the first name should be the person you enjoyed playing the most.

PAINTING is judged separately from the tournament results.
Players evaluate all players armies throughout the day (during breaks), picking the three armies that they like the best and scoring them. The army that receives the highest score at the end of the day is awarded a prize.

First Place
Second Place
*Random Prizes

Best Painted: Painting Score (all armies for the day)

Sportsman: Players rate their enjoyment of playing against their opponents
[ Post details ] Post Posted: Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:42 pm

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