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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:54 pm 
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Manfest 8: My homework

Arrival Time: 9:30am Please be on time., we have a lot to accomplish before we set up. 

Entrance Fee - $15 - Includes meal, drink (Pizza/Beverage) The rest goes towards prize support.

Army Construction

Force org: All players must follow the rules for army construction listed below.

Dan/ Shane: your list construction details are:

1 warlord Titan (equipped as see fit, that Titan must have a name)
1,500 pts, up to two detachments (both must be a battle brother to your Named Titan)

Other than Dan/Shane

Points: 4,500pts

List construction: there are two acceptable methods.

First Method - Unbound: (sort of) your army must fit into a detachment or detachments. (Up to three) 1st detachment - You must select a core army (sharing keywords, chapter tactics etc.), all units in this detachment must come from that core army. 2nd detachment (Allied Detachment)If you select any allies they must fit into a second detachment (sharing keywords, chapter tactics etc.), all units in this detachment must come from a single army. 3rd detachment (Super Heavies) - if you wanted take super heavies here is where they fit in. Follow normal rules for a super heavy detachment. (You can only take one super heavy detachment)

If you choose to use this method in building your list the rule of three is not in effect!

By using this method you forfeit all command points and cannot earn any by any means.

Second method - Bound
Up to four, using normal detachment rules.

Super heavy Detachment: One per army

A battle forged army is rewarded with an additional 3 command points. These are in addition to any command points earned from your detachments. You cannot have a partially Battle Forged army to earn any bonuses.

If you choose to use this method in building your list the rule of three becomes the rule of four!

Whether your army is battle forged or not you must nominate a Core army and a Warlord!

*Warlords: Warlord Titans cannot be nominated as your warlord!

i.e. imperium/ chaos is not an army, Ultramarines, World Eaters or Cadian is an army...

Core Army: Your core army must be one Codex (Source).
Example: if you are playing space marines all units must come from Codex: Space marine and be the same chapter. If you are playing Imperial guard all units must come from Codex: Astra militarium codex and be the same Regiment. Units that are exempt via their codex/index are exceptions. i.e. Priests etc.. (please contact Jack R. For further clarifications)

Imperial Armour (Forge World) units are considered an extension of your core codex. Following normal list construction rules for a battle forged army.

If you choose to ally an army into your army. It must have its own detachment, an allied detachment must be approved by one of the two Jacks or Craig. Allied detachments cannot account for more than 2,000pts of your army. You can ally in a second founding/chapter/ regiment/Hive world/Craftworlds etc. from your core codex. This counts towards the maximum allotted points for allies. If you plan on making the next broken combo and can't justify the allegiance. It will not be allowed Manfest is supposed to be fun, allies are to allow players flesh out their army. I know this isn't necessarily the proper terminology.

Fortifications: All are allowed, nothing too large (physically) there will be plenty of terrain and other models on the table to begin with. (Must be approved by one of the two Jacks)

You may only take one of any named character in your army.

Lords of War (clarification): Must share at least one Keyword, if possible should come from the same source (as described above) Example: Grey knights or Ad-Mech don’t have direct access to a warhound Titan. But they share a Keyword making it possible for a grey knight or an Ad-mech player to include one in their force.

Personal/Stratagems: With a lack of Apocalypse stratagems and Formations having gone the way of the pay phone. (Now called stratagems) If there is an old formation that you would like to play, or have one that you have created and would like to try. Type something up with a cost (how many command points) Please send them to my email no later than Nov 30, 2018, that way the two Jacks & Craig can Vote

After teams are determined, each side will elect a General for the game.

General Hats
Each General has a hat that they will be presented with at the start of the game. Generals do not have to wear their hat however, at the start of each player turn, if either General is caught NOT wearing his hat the opposing side gets +2 CP. If BOTH generals are caught not wearing their hats then both sides get -2 CP for the turn.

Deployment/First turn

Generals bid command points for deployment. They can bid as many command points as their team currently has. (Total command points of all players on their team) Once they bid these command points they are considered spent and cannot under any circumstances be recovered.

Once the bidding process is complete the each team’s general tells the T.O. which members of their team have spent or otherwise used their command points.

This is one of the few times players can muster their command points!

The general that spends the most command points, picks their deployment zone and their team is declared “First Player”. Once the “First player” General has chosen their deployment zone. The general has a few minutes (a reasonable amount of time) to assign a deployment area (see map) to each player on their team. Their team will have 15minutes to deploy their entire army(ies).

Coverage area: each player has their assigned deployment area, but they can deploy some of their forces to reinforce their teammates deployment area. Each player can deploy “a portion” of their forces in the adjoining deployment areas to help reinforce their teammates. (Players can only reinforce their teammates deployment areas that border theirs.)

Reserves: Each player can put up to 25% of their total units (rounding up) into reserves. Units that you chose to hold in reserve are non lord of war units that normally cannot enter the game after the game starts. When a unit arrives from reserves they come in from their armies marked table edges (see map) at the end of their movement phase. A unit that comes in from reserves can move up to their maximum movement in the movement phase, but must end their movement (including advancing) more than 9” from any enemy unit. Units arriving from reserves count as moving but otherwise act normally.

All units held in reserve must arrive no later than turn 2, otherwise they count as being destroyed

Reserves: units using the Manfest “Reserves” special rule, can only enter the board in the assigned areas (see map). These areas are marked in bold in their deployment zone. * Units using their own “specialized” delayed deployment rules. Can enter the map/ play area as their codex/index describes.

First Player: the team that spent most command points is FIRST player.

Stealing the initiative: No!

So bid wisely!

Team will be constructed by the T.O.’s. We will do our best to balance the teams. Players will be split into groups and then split randomly by magical means.....(tokens)

Player Army interaction:
All armies are self contained. Example you can’t cast spells on your friends.

Abilities that effect friendly units:
If you think something should effect all units on a side or should be sharable amongst units on a side bring it up with the judges and we’ll rule on it.

Scoring and Strategic Resources

There are five ways to score victory points for your team.

Killing Titanic units. You earn one point for every 10 wounds that a titanic unit starts the game with. (Rounding up or down) Example an imperial knight Gallant has 24 wounds. When it is destroyed the team that destroys it earns 2 points.
Killing Warlords. Killing a warlords are worth 2pts. If your warlord survives your team is awarded 2pts at the end of the game.
Destroying a Macro-Cannon. Destroying a macro cannon is worth 4pts. (Aquila Strongpoint - bs 5+, T10, W30, SV3+ Index: Imperium 2 p135 (You cannot intentionally destroy a Macro-Cannon you currently control)
Objectives (Primary and Secondary) can only be secures by troop choices!
Secondary objectives. Opposing generals roll off before deployment. Winner places the first objective then each side takes turns placing the remaining objectives. Each General must place one objective on every table. (2 per table) Objectives may not be within 12” of another Asset or within 6” of a table edge. These objectives are each worth a 1 point turn one, 2 points turn 2, 3 points turn 3.....
Primary objectives - The T.O.’s will identify 4 pieces of terrain (they will be easily identifiable) they are worth 1pt in rd 1, and double in value each turn. Example: 1pt in rd1, 2pts rd2, 4pts in rd3, 8pts in rd 4....

Each team calculates their score at the end of their turn.

Strategic Resource points:

Strategic resources, each team earns strategic resources at the end of each game turn.
You earn Strategic Resource points in the following manner.

Holding the majority of the 4 designated pieces of terrain ( Primary objectives) and the 3 macro cannons placed by the t.o.’s. (7 in total) At the end of a game turn the The team that has the majority of these seven buildings earns 5pts, their opponent earns 3pts. If the building count is a tie both teams earn 2pts. (I hate ties)
Holding Secondary Objectives whichever team holds the majority of these at the end of a game turn earns 3 strategic resource points. 
Collecting a bounty: during set up each player will randomly select an opposing warlord. If they kill that opposing warlord they have claimed their bounty. When they collect that bounty they immediately claim 3 strategic resource points for their team in addition to any victory points.

These points are used to advance your glory, your blood lust or whatever your God Demands!

These strategic resources will be sent out (via email) to all players and copies will be available at Manfest for Generals/teams to use as instructed by their description.

Apocalypse Rules Clarifications:

Single Model Units - Units that consist of one model, any reference to majority of unit. Change to majority of model.
Arriving from reserves: (delayed deployment- reinforcements) The beta rules are not in effect. (This is Apocalypse)

Command Points: teammates cannot share command point during gameplay. But can share them in between game turns to spend on stratagems during gameplay. With everything going it is easier for us to keep track.

Psychic Phase: only one player is allowed to attempt to deny a successfully manifested psychic power - if multiple players wish to do so then the generals who’s turn is taking place can choose which one gets to make the attempt.

Heroic Intervention: After a team has moved all of their charging models/units, the other team can attempt to perform heroic interventions in the order chosen by their general. An enemy character can perform a heroic intervention if it is within 3”
of a model controlled by them or a teammates!

Close Combat phase: Close combat is resolved one combat at a time. Starting with combats involving units that charged. The teams (general) turn chooses which combat resolves first. This differs from the core rule book only slightly and is done to help keep the game moving at a smooth pace. i.e. instead of choosing units to resolve the general picks the entire combat to resolve first. Otherwise following normal rules of close combat.
Table Specific Rules

Table Gaps
Units with the Fly or Flyer keyword may cross over table gaps but only if they can make it (no stopping off the table). Likewise, units can shoot across the gap provided they have the range. Units cannot assault over table gaps.

There is a road down the center length of the board. While on the road units may double their Movement value, may roll 2d6 and pick the highest for Advancing and may add 2” to their charge rolls if the enemy unit is also on the road. This additional movement only applies while on the road, if a unit moves off the road their movement returns to normal and any Advancing distance remaining is halved(round down). The road does not affect units with the Fly, Flyer, God-Engine or Wraith-Titan Keywords.

Macro-Cannon Aquila Strongpoints
Each team starts with one of these fortifications under their side’s control. There will be an additional one placed by the t.o.’s in the neutral zone. If an enemy unit claims the fortification, that team’s General gains control of it. A unit claims a Strongpoint by removing all enemy units from it. Strongpoints are considered contested if both sides have models on it. If a Strongpoint is contested, at the start of the Shooting phase the last General to control it must roll a D6. On a 4+ the General may fire the Macro-Cannon that turn.

If you have already signed up for Manfest. I need to know what Core army and what Lords of War you are planning on taking by Tuesday November 27th...


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 10:01 pm 
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We have room for 18 people there is one spots left... when the remaining spot(s) are filled up we open up the kiddy pool (wait list) as spots free up the kiddy pool will have the first shot at them.


1) Jack Rosen
2) Jack Doud
3) Craig Valvano
4) Dave Scarlatella
5) Frank Smith
6) Dan Scanlan
7) Foo Marin Handschin (Shane)
8 ) Jenny
9) TJ Mark
10) Charvel Ricky Tosov
11) Michael Cannon
12) Steven Cunliffe
13) Jay Pasquale
14) Michael Mensch
15) Frank Dean
16) Steve Simone
17) Michael Falcone
18) Kevin M Whitlatch

Kiddy Pool
1) Charles Ross
2) ...


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PostPosted: Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:40 pm 
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Deployment Zones, deployment areas

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:34 pm 
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Yesterday was Manfest 8: My Homework. We had 18 players,..... here’s a quick rundown a word from out sponsors ....

Teams were determined randomly splitting the armies into groups (as usual)

Amanda’s Ovaries
Mike Cannon - General
Jack D
Jack R
Frank S
Frank D

The God of Dakka *** Crakka
Kevin -General
Steve C
Mike M
Steve S
Mike F

Our sponsors....This year we made a few changes.... okay a lot of changes. We changed the way scoring worked, separated strategic resources (points) from scoring, we adjusted bidding for first turn, removed stealing the intuitive, and cleaned up deployment, just to name a few. I think and hope you all agree worked out for the better. Until Gw truly acknowledges Apocalypse we will continue to do what we can to make Manfest a special event. ...

Deployment Zones were chosen after bidding command points mustered by their teams.
Both generals bid zero command points, the choice for first turn/deployment was settled by a best of three Rock, Paper and Scissors. After multiple rocks were thrown...Mike C chose to be first player selecting the deployment zone.

I’m not gonna give a full play by play of what happened, my words aren’t so good as we all know.....but here are some quick hits.

*Team Amanda’s ovaries won the day with a score of 115 - 100, the score was pretty close throughout the day. A credit to the new scoring system.
*Scoring was redesigned to give teams multiple way to score points, though killing titanic units, securing primary and secondary objectives, killing warlords and keeping your warlords alive.
*Both warlord titans (Fred and One last Caress) both had a their work cut out for them. They took a couple shots at each other but then both players realized there was easier ways to win the day.
*Stratagems: Now that most armies have a codex, there really wasn’t a need to have a massive list (like last year). By limiting them and limiting their effects. It made more sense (after Craig beating it in to me) to cut their effects, uses and overall impact.
*Charles once again makes into Manfest highlights.... Charles took a whopping and held his ground. For some reason Charles was left alone to hold the center against the bulk of Amanda’s Ovaries.... he held... while the right flank fell...and the left flank was still up for contention. Not sure what the plan was for their team... he took a beating from all sides.
*With the changes in scoring players seemed a little bit more conservative in how Titanic Units were utilized. Players were a little more hesitant to take them in their list, bring them back into game play etc...
*After last years game winning strategy of the second player holding a good portion of their units off of the table. This years game winning strategy was a little more “traditional” by us limiting what units could take advantage of the Manfest reserves rule. It completely changed the day.
Bounties: Only a handful of bounties were claimed, but the ones that were claimed were all on the winning teams side. That led to their team being able to take advantage of two strong stratagems.
*Players have to keep in mind this was an apocalypse game. If you have played for 40k for an period of time know that a normal game lasts about 2hrs. Multiply that by the amount of players and the size of the armies the players are taking. An apocalyptic game will take a long period time to play out. Players need to plan their day accordingly. When players leave mid game it creates a major whole in their team. It’s one thing when a players army is wiped out. Obviously there is no obligation to stay to the end. But a mid game drop is just poor time management and show a lack of respect to what work was put into the event.
*This was our second Apocalypse game in 8th edition. I think we made a lot of improvements over last year. We had an arrival time of 10am, first player (team) started deployment at 11:44, the second player (team) started their deployment at about 12:05 and finished their deployment about 25min after 12. We were making final announcements at 8:45. The first two game turns each team had an hour and a half and the third turn each team had an hour. Neither team throughout the day went to time. It was a long day, but it played out rather quickly in my opinion.

Hopefully I didn’t point out the wrong things or miss something. If I did please add you comments/ thoughts below.
Pictures are posted on the Au Facebook group page...

Next year Manfest will be back....Manfest Nine: So much Nine it’s almost a 10....


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