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 Post subject: Kaiju II July 6, 2016
PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:10 pm 
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Kaiju Battle: July 6, 2016

Holmes Store 7P.M.
Entrance Fee: 7$ (All going to Prize Support)

Prizes -
To be determined! (We have done a few of these. You know what to expect by now)

Kaiju is an event designed to HAVE FUN!!
Kill as many enemy vehicles/Kaiju as possible, the player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the overall winner.

Unit Selection:
Each player has 800 points to spend on their Kaiju (single model). This unit must be a Super Heavy Walker, Gargantuan Creature or selected from the list below. For the purposes of this event the following units count as Super Heavies/Gargantuan Creatures:
-Mawlock, Tervigon, Trigon, Hive Tyrant
-All Greater Demons

Any unit selected from the list above is treated as Super Heavy/Gargantuan and has a minimum of 6 HP/Wounds.

For this battle all units move through difficult terrain at -2” and ignore dangerous. Also, a unit may charge any unit, not just one it shot at. All units that do not have a ld value, count as having leadership 10

Weapons that have “Blast” in their profile can target Swooping enemy Kaiju. i.e., blast weapons can target enemies in flying mode at half strength. Weapons that are strength “D” blast are treated as having strength 8 when targeting a swooping enemy Kaiju.

Upgrade Rolls:
Obviously some units will have a distinct advantage in this game so to balance things out cheaper units get to roll on the upgrade table before battle commences. For every 100 points under 800 you are, you can roll on the table below and apply the result. If your unit already has an upgrade you may reroll or apply the result cumulatively.

Upgrade Table Roll 2D6
2 Sure Footed – Ignore Difficult Terrain
3 Gyroscopic Stabilizers - May move an additional D6” (roll now) in the movement phase
4 Iron Pants - Ignore one enemy Butt Kicker roll per turn
5 Frenzied - +1 Attack
6) Targeting Matrix - +1 BS, max of BS7
7 Ablative Armor - +1 HP or +1 Wound
8 Coordination - +1 WS
9 Force Field - +1 Feel No Pain
10 Jet Boots – Unit’s run moves are 2D6”
11 Reflexes - +1 Init
12 Super Shot – One weapon of your choice gets D3 (roll now) S10 shots at its AP

Butt-kicker rule:
Similar to the Stomp rule, at Init1 in CC roll on the following table D3 times:
1- One Legged Man in an Ass Kicking Contest - No effect
2-5 Give ‘em da boot! – Automatic Glancing hit or S7 AP2 hit
6- Foot up the ass – Automatic Pen hit at +3 or SD at +1

The Arena
In the center of the table is The Arena. Any unit in the arena gets a 3+ cover save. Also, units in the arena are not subject to Hammer of Wrath attacks.

Scoring System:
Removing 3HP/Wounds from a unit in one turn - 1pt (cumulative)
Killed enemy Unit - 2 pts
Killed enemy Unit in CC - 3 pts
Killed enemy unit that is in the Arena - 4pts
Killed enemy Unit with Butt Kicker rule - 5 pts

Starting the game
Each player places their vehicle with its rear touching a table edge, each player then rolls off to see who goes first (Highest roll goes first; re-roll ties). From there the play goes clockwise around the table. When your vehicle is destroyed it is removed from the table and then can come on at the start of the next player’s turn from any board edge.

Rolling to wound/Penetrate
All models use the following chart to Wound/ Penetrate an opponent. To wound/ injure your fellow kaiju you will follow this system. When rolling to wound a gargantuan creature you have meet or beat the roll (similar to glancing a vehicle). Armor, Invul and FNP saves still apply.

Example: you fire a melta gun against a wraithknight. Strength 8 vs toughness 8 - You will need to roll a 4 to glance, or a 5+ to penetrate. (Yes you are rolling to penetrate toughness) this will help with balance.

Penetrating chart:
Roll of a :
1 Distracted: roll ld, if the test is passed no effect, if it is failed you are stunned.
2 Stunned: -1 attack in assault
3 Disoriented: -1 attack in assault and will fire one less shot to all ranged weapons to a minimum of 0 (temporary)
4 Shaken: roll leadership if you pass the test you movement is halved. If you fail you can't move and your attack value(s) are halved (rounding down) this effects both ranged attacks and close combat.
5 Weapon Destroyed : loose one weapon. The attacker rolls their ld if the test is passed they pick the weapon, if they fail the defender rolls an initiative check. If the test is passed the defender chooses. If they fail - randomize it.
6 drive damage/ leg cramp - halved movement.
7 immobilized - self explanatory
8 Pwned – Take D3 additional HP/Wounds

Effects of glancing hits and penetrating hits rolls of 1 thru 4 are temporary, and will last one turn, effects of 5- 8 are permanent until the unit is destroyed.

Once a unit is reduced to 0 hull points/wounds it enters its “death throws”. Roll on the Catastrophic Damage table (pg 94).

To change things up a little the store can roll 2D6 on the Special Incident Table. For one turn the following rules apply.

Roll Incident Rules
2 – The Traveler Has Come – The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man appears! Place a suitable model in the center of the table. At the end of each round, if not locked in combat, Stay Puft will move 12” towards the nearest player then attempt a charge.
WS 3 / S10 / I 2 / A 5 / W 15 / Sv 2+ / 4+ Inv.
Killing Stay Puft: 10 points. Killing Stay Puft in CC: 20 points. Killing him with Ass Kicker: 30 points.
3 - Leaf Clover - One random unit (event organizer’s choice) gets to reroll all hit and penetrate dice. Anyone shooting at that unit must reroll all successful to hit to penetrate and damage rolls. Anyone who actually destroys this unit gets triple points for the kill!
4 - Quicksand – All units movement is halved this turn.
5 - Frenzy - You must shoot the nearest unit this turn.
6 - Acid Rain - All Units are -1 AV or -1 Sv
7 - Fog - All Units get a 5+ cover save
8 - Twist of Fate - All Players take charge of the Units owned by the player to their immediate left for this turn.
9 - Smoke - All ranges are max 12 inches due to poor visibility
10 - Earthquake - All Units are -1BS, -1WS this turn
11 - Minefield – Whenever a Unit moves, runs or assaults roll a D6, on a 1 take a S7 AP3 hit (use rear armor).
12 – GODZIRRAAAH!!!!! – The King of the Monsters appears in the center of the board. All players roll a D6, on a 4+ they are considered Shaken. At the end of each round if not in CC Godzilla will move 12” towards the closest unit. Godzilla will then fire a St D Apocalyptic Blast at the closest target, reroll 1’s on the damage table. Godzilla will then assault the closest unit.
WS 5 / St D / I 5 / A 6 / W 20 / Sv 2+ / 4+ Inv.
Killing Godzilla: 20 points. Killing Gozilla in CC: 40 points. Killing him with Ass Kicker: You win.
Imperial Knights: ion shield is up on all faces at all times during the shooting phase. (4+ all around)
Physic phase: Each player gets the option to deny the witch. But only one player may attempt to dispel.
One shot weapons:Refill when a model re-spawns
Summoning/Spawning: Not allowed, ignore any random roll/special rule etc. ( sorry no random meat to tie up your opponents.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:15 pm 
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1. Jack R
2. Jack D
3. Craig
4. Tj
5. Jeff
6. Frank
7. ...


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:38 pm 
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*translation: I'll be there

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