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Location: On a Boat
Holmes Store 7P.M.
Entrance Fee: 7$ (All going to Prize Support)

Prizes -
To be determined! (We have done a few of these. You know what to expect by now)

Smaller random prizes to be given out!

TANKSGIVING is an event designed to HAVE FUN!!

Set Up:
One large (4x6 recommended) 40K table with lots of terrain.
Player Requirements:

Kill as many enemy vehicles as possible, the player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the overall winner.

Scoring System:
Immobilized enemy vehicle 1pt
Killed enemy Vehicle 2 pts
Killed enemy vehicle by ramming 3pts
Killed enemy Super Heavy 5 pts

Upgrade Rolls:

Obviously Baneblades and Land raiders and other large vehicles will have a distinct advantage in this game so to balance things out cheaper vehicles get to roll on the upgrade table before battle commences. Vehicles under 150pts get 2 rolls on the table; vehicles 151-210pts get one roll. Vehicles 211 pts or more get nothing.

Upgrade Table Roll D6

1 Targeting Matrix (+1 BS)
2 Gyroscopic Stabilizers (Veh. Counts as moving 6” less for shooting purposes.)
3 Super Shot. (D3 shots at S10) (the rest of the original weapon profile stays the same)
4 Safety Harness (Ignore Shaken and Stunned Results)
5 Venerable ( may make enemy reroll on Damage Table)
6 Ablative Armor (+1 side, front, rear Armor to a max 14)

Starting the game

Each player places their vehicle with its rear touching a table edge, each player then rolls off to see who goes first (Highest roll goes first; re-roll ties). From there the play goes clockwise around the table. When your vehicle is destroyed it is removed from the table and then can come on at the start of the next player’s turn from any board edge.

To change things up a little the store can roll 2D6 on the Special Incident Table. For one turn the following rules apply.

Roll Incident Rules
2 - Warp Storm - Before the turn each Vehicle is moved 2d6 in a random direction. Roll 2D6 and a scatter dice for direction then a second scatter dice to see which way it faces. Any vehicles that scatter off the board or on to impossible terrain stop and roll the scatter to face in a random direction.
3 - Leaf Clover - One random vehicle (event organizer’s choice) gets to reroll all hit and penetrate dice. Anyone shooting at that vehicle must reroll all successful to hit to penetrate and damage rolls. Anyone who actually destroys this vehicle gets triple points for the kill!
4 - Quicksand - Any Vehicle with front Armor 13+ count as immobilized this turn
5 - Frenzy - You must shoot the nearest vehicle this turn. (After Movement)
6 - Acid Rain - All Vehicles are -1 AV
7 - Fog - All Vehicles get a 5+ cover save
8 - Twist of Fate - All Players take charge of the vehicle owned by the player to their immediate left for this turn.
9 - Smoke - All ranges are max 18 inches due to poor visibility
10 - Earthquake - All Vehicle movement is Halved
11 - Minefield - All vehicles take difficult terrain tests
12 - Rules to be defined :P

The Golden Turkey will be in effect for the last 45 minutes of of play (Approximate 45 min)!!!! - Place a small “Golden Turkey” (token) in the center of the board. Roll 4d6 +6 and a scatter dice the turkey will run in that direction Ignoring all terrain (including impassable but Stopping at the board edge). Whichever vehicle picks it up and and maintains control of the turkey until time is officially called with it gets 10 extra pts.

Picking up the turkey - A vehicle just has to move into contact with the turkey. (this can be done as a flat out move)
1 - A vehicle that has control of the turkey cannot move more than 12" in a turn.
2 - If a vehicle gets destroyed/Wrecked. Re-roll the turkey movement as defined above immediately.



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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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