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 Post subject: TANKSGIVING 2017
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:14 am 

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Holmes Store 7 PM.
Entrance Fee: $7 (All going to Prize Support)

Prizes -
To be determined! (We have done a few of these. You know what to expect by now)
Smaller random prizes to be given out!

TANKSGIVING is an event designed to HAVE FUN!!

Kill as many enemy tanks as possible. The player that racks up the most kill points during the day is the overall winner.

What is a tank?
A tank is a vehicle that is not a walker or flyer. Things like Rhinos, Chimeras, Land Raiders, Battle Wagons or Wave Serpents. Vehicles like Heldrakes or Land Speeders aren't tanky enough and Monsters are right out. If there is any question, please ask the Organizer ahead of time.

Unit Selection
Each player has 700 points and may only use the below detachment. These tanks must form a unit and stay within 6” coherency with at least one other tank, but do not otherwise form a unit. You may not field more than one tank with the TITANIC keyword. Each tank must be from the same faction (eg: Astra Militarum, Salamanders, Alpha Legion, Asuryani, etc.). Players must nominate one tank as their lead tank. This unit will be used for determining initiative and turn order.


Bonus Effect Rolls
Based on how many points that your tank force is, you will get rolls on the bonus table:


The Pit
In the center of the table is The Pit. Any unit in The Pit gets a +2 cover save and +1 to hit in the Fight phase.

Explosive Atmosphere
All vehicles will automatically explode. The owner of the vehicle that explodes earns all points for the damage, including counting as the person who destroyed. However, you cannot gain any points for harming your own vehicles.

Wild Carnage
Tanks that have enemy tanks within 1” may be fired at with no penalty. Unless a tank has rules that state otherwise, a tank may only fire weapons with a maximum strength of 5 at enemy tanks within 1”. It may freely fire at tanks further than 1”, even if there are enemy tanks within 1”.

The character rule does not apply.

Fall Back
All units may shoot after they fall back. Models without the TITANIC or FLY keyword that fall back shoot with a -1 to hit roll in the Shooting phase. Models with the TITANIC or FLY keyword that fall back shoot with no penalty.

Scoring System
Removing five wounds from a unit in one turn - 1pt (cumulative)
Killed enemy unit - 2pts
Killed enemy unit in CC - 3pts
Killed enemy unit with the TITANIC keyword - 4pts
Killed enemy unit with the TITANIC keyword in CC - 5pts

Playing the Game
Each player places their vehicles with their rears touching a table edge, each player then rolls off to see who goes first (Highest roll goes first; re-roll ties). From there the play goes clockwise around the table. When your vehicle is destroyed it is removed from the table. At the start of the next player’s turn, it can be placed within 6” of another one of your tanks and further than 1” away from an enemy tank. If it cannot be placed in such a manner, place it as close as possible to one of your tanks and outside 1” of an an enemy tank. If you do not have any tanks alive, you can place your tanks at any board edge, like the initial setup.

To change things up a little the store can roll 2D6 on the Special Incident Table. For one turn the following rules apply.

The Divine Hippo will be in effect for the last 45 minutes of of play (Approximate 45 min)!!!! - Place a small “Divine Hippo” (token) in the center of the board. Roll 4d6 +6 and a scatter dice the Hippo will run in that direction Ignoring all terrain (including impassable but Stopping at the board edge). Whichever vehicle picks it up and and maintains control of the Hippo until time is officially called with it gets 10 extra pts.

Picking up the Hippo- A vehicle just has to move into contact with the Hippo. (this can be done as an advance move)
1 - A vehicle that has control of the Hippo cannot move more than 12" in a turn.
2 - If a vehicle gets destroyed/Wrecked. Re-roll the Hippo movement as defined above immediately.

Army specifics, i.e. chapter tactics, Craftworld, regiment bonus’s - No, Right now there isn’t enough to go around and the armies with codexs have a huge advantage.

Command points/Strategems - No

Relics -No

Points Max - 700, there was some confusion on my part. Yes 700pts max!

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 Post subject: Re: TANKSGIVING 2017
PostPosted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 7:22 am 
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If you plan on participating in this years Tankgiving please contact me.
Start time: We usually start this event at 6-6:30. But if I know you are coming and are running late I will wait a few extra minutes to start rolling dice.
Game Length: This is a timed event, Before we start we set a stop time that all players agree to it usually last 2-21/2 hours.


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