MTG Kaldheim Booster Box & Bundle Pre-Orders at Alternate Universes

December 31st, 2020

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MTG Kaldheim Pre-Orders at Alternate Universes!

Click below to pre-order now!

Magic: the Gathering Kaldheim is open for pre-order right now at your local AU or from our online store! Pre-order Kaldheim Draft, Set, and Collector Booster Boxes, plus Prerelease Packs and Bundles with us!

Each booster box is sealed with a box topper pack and comes with the WPN Store exclusive Realmwalker Buy-A-Box promo!

Each Prerelease Pack comes with 2 bonus Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs!

All online orders are shipped to arrive as close to Prerelease or Release day as possible. Click one of the links below to pre-order online right now, or visit any of our three locations to pre-order in-store!

MTG Kaldheim Draft Booster Boxes and Prerelease Packs available for pick-up starting Prerelease week, January 29th—February 4th!

MTG Kaldheim Bundles, Set Booster Boxes, and Collector Booster Boxes available for pick-up starting release day, February 5th!

MTG Kaldheim Draft Booster BoxKaldheim Draft Booster Box
$105 in-store // $110 onlineMTG Kaldheim Prerelease PackKaldheim Prerelease Pack + 2 Draft Booster Packs
$25 in-store // $30 online

MTG Kaldheim Set Booster BoxKaldheim Set Booster Box
$120 in-store // $125 online

MTG Kaldheim Collector Booster BoxKaldheim Collector Booster Box
$250 in-store // $250 online

MTG Kaldheim BundleKaldheim Bundle
$39.99 in-store // $44.99 online