MTG Modern Store Championships – December 4th & 5th

November 22nd, 2021

MTG Modern Store Championships at Alternate Universes

MTG Modern Store Championships
Saturday, Dec. 4th at AU Holmes & AU Wilmington
Sunday, Dec. 5th at AU Blue Bell

We’re holding Magic: the Gathering Modern Store Championships on December 4th and 5th at all three stores!

Because of our WPN Premium Status at AU Blue Bell and AU Wilmington, players who play at either of those stores have a chance to win official promos with our store name printed on them!

On top of store credit prizes, Top 8 players at Blue Bell and Wilmington will take home one-of-a-kind Collected Company store-stamped promo cards! The Store Champion at those stores will also win a store-stamped Wurmcoil Engine!!! You won’t be able to get these cards anywhere else, or probably ever again (at least not stamped on these cards!) Don’t miss your chance to get these extremely rare cards and represent your local game store!

Wurmcoil Engine AU Store-Stamped Promo Cards

Alternate Universes – Wilmington
Saturday, Dec. 4th
Registration: Noon
Tournament: 1 pm

Alternate Universes – Holmes
Saturday, Dec. 4th
Registration: 4 pm
Tournament: 5 pm

Alternate Universes – Blue Bell
Sunday, Dec. 5th
Registration: 11 am
Tournament: Noon

Format: MODERN

Entry: $15
Each player gets a promo Arbor Elf for entering!

1st Place: $100 store credit, Wurmcoil Engine promo*, and Collected Company promo*
2nd Place: $75 store credit, Collected Company promo*
3rd & 4th: $50 store credit each, Collected Company promo*
5th–8th: $25 store credit each, Collected Company promo*

*Wurmcoil Engine and Collected Company promos at AU Blue Bell and AU Wilmington have their respective store names printed on them.