MTG Commander Parties – January 29th and 30th

January 10th, 2022

MTG Commander Parties at Alternate Universes

Magic: the Gathering Commander Parties
Saturday, January 29th at AU Blue Bell
Sunday, January 30th at AU Wilmington

Since our Blue Bell and Wilmington stores are now both WPN Premium Stores, we get to hold a brand new event: Commander Parties!

Commander Parties are a fun, FREE Commander format event, where players will get to experience a narrative while they play, and influence the story’s outcome via the course of their games.

Saturday, Jan 29th at AU Blue Bell
Sunday, Jan 30th at AU Wilmington

Registration opens: Noon
Play begins: 1 PM

Alternate art Conjurer’s Closet promos will be given out during the event!

Here is a rundown on how Commander Parties work:

Commander Parties are a narrative-based event where players are separated into four factions to experience a story set in the world of Innistrad. Players are welcome to bring any Commander Deck they want to the event. (We also have preconstructed Commander decks for purchase that you may use in the event!)

Players will begin playing in typical Commander Pods, starting a normal game of Commander. Each player will be handed a faction card, and a video will take over, guiding the players through the story.

Players will be asked to raise their faction cards based on the number of a faction’s resource they have. The faction with the most raised cards is allowed to advance along the game board, granting all the players in that faction an in-game bonus.

It’s a collaborative gameplay style designed to immerse players in an in-store experience unlike any they’ve had before. Their actions will influence the course of the game and players may achieve one of multiple different endings.

Conjurer's Closet alt-art promo card