Alternate Universes 20th Anniversary Celebration – October 15th-21st

September 11th, 2023

Alternate Universes 20th Anniversary Celebration October 15th-21st

On October 15th, 2003, Alternate Universes opened its doors to the gamers of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Now, twenty years later, we have three stores in the Philadelphia area, an online store, and a wonderful thriving community. We have seen generations of gamers walk through our doors. We can only hope that over the years we’ve given the community something close to what you’ve given us.

Since your twentieth birthday only comes once, and many stores like ours don’t make it to this point, we want to celebrate in a big way. That’s why we’re announcing our weeklong 20th Anniversary Celebration!

From October 15th–21st, we’re celebrating 20 years with the following:


20% off EVERYTHING – excluding booster boxes, singles, entry fees, Magic: the Gathering – Doctor Who Commander decks, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Age of Overlord. Everything else will be on sale. Everything. Else.


We’re giving away a booster box at EVERY weekly tournament that takes place Oct. 15th–21st.

This applies to ALL of our local tournaments, for ALL of our games, regardless of the number of participants. This includes Lorcana. Each booster box will be given away to a random player, each will be a box of the latest set of that game, and only people playing in the tournament will be able to win.


Alternate Universes' 20th Anniversary Celebration MTG Chaos Drafts


Sunday, October 15th @ AU Wilmington
Saturday, October 21st @ AU Blue Bell

Registration opens: Noon
Drafting begins: 1 pm

$30 entry

***Limit 48 players per event!***
Preregistration is open now! Visit or call AU with your card to preregister.

These drafts are special, because not only are they Chaos Drafts, they are Chaos Drafts that will each include a BOOSTER PACK OF REVISED in them! You may choose to open and draft with this pack, OR keep it sealed and instead use a “pack of Revised” that we constructed specially for the event. We’re also including the Revised pack regardless of the number of participants.

Other rare packs include Visions, Fifth Edition, Weatherlight, Sixth Edition, Prophecy, Invasion, Fifth Dawn, assorted Collector boosters, and MORE!

One lucky player will also win a Commander Masters Set box, and four other lucky players will win Secret Lairs. We’ll also have more giveaways for sleeves and playmats!

3 – 0: $40 store credit
2 – 0 – 1: $30 store credit
2 – 1: $20 store credit

Alternate Universes' 20th Anniversary Yugioh PS5 Tournament


Saturday, October 28th @ AU Holmes

Registration opens: Noon
Tournament starts: 1 pm

Format: Advanced Constructed

$30 entry
Each player will get 6 OTS Pack 23 for entering

Yu-Gi-Oh! has always been a staple game for us. We love Yu-Gi-Oh! We’ve held Yu-Gi-Oh on Saturday at Holmes for years and years. Please join us on Saturday, October 28th for our celebratory Yu-Gi-Oh! PS5 Tournament. This means you can also win a Yu-Gi-Oh! box if you attend our regular tournament on October 21st.

The first place winner of this tournament will win a brand new Sony PlayStation 5, the standard edition that includes a disc drive. Other Top 8 finishers will have their choice of Age of Overlord prizes or OTS Pack 23 prizes. Two lucky players will win boxes of Age of Overlord, more lucky players will win OTS Pack 22 door prizes. And we’ll be giving away sleeves and playmats, too!

1st Place: BRAND NEW Sony PlayStation 5 (standard edition)
2nd Place: 2 booster boxes of Age of Overlord OR 40 packs of OTS Pack 23
3rd & 4th Place: 1 box of Age of Overlord OR 20 packs of OTS Pack 23
5th-8th Place: 12 packs of Age of Overlord OR 10 packs of OTS Pack 23