MTG Modern Horizons 3 PREORDERS at Alternate Universes

May 14th, 2024

MTG Modern Horizons 3 PREORDERS Open Now at Alternate Universes

MTG Modern Horizons 3 Preorders
Open NOW at Alternate Universes
Stop by AU or call with your card to pre-order!

Magic: the Gathering Modern Horizons 3 Pre-Orders are now open at Alternate Universes!
All preorders can be picked up at the start of the Prerelease on Friday, June 7th!

Take advantage of our preorder discounts! These prices will go up when the set launches on June 14th! The last day to preorder is Thursday, June 13th!

This set features the new Play Booster Packs and Boxes! Play Booster packs combine the best of both Set and Draft boosters, and replace both going forward.

MTG Modern Horizons 3 Preorders

Play Booster Box // $269.99
Collector Box // $384.99
Bundle // $69.99
Gift Bundle (releases June 28th) // $99.99
Set of 4 Commander Decks // $219.99

MTG Modern Horizons 3 SEALED Prerelease Tournaments are June 7th-9th at Alternate Universes!

Stop by or call Alternate Universes to preorder today!