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Digimon Battle of Omni (BT-05) SEALED Prereleases – July 31st & August 1st

July 13th, 2021

Digimon Battle of Omni SEALED Pre-Releases

Digimon SEALED Prereleases for the upcoming set Battle of Omni (BT-05) are happening the weekend of July 31st/August 1st!

We’re running our first Digimon Prerelease event on Saturday, July 31st at AU Wilmington, and Sunday, August 1st at AU Holmes and AU Blue Bell!

Saturday, July 31st
AU Wilmington

Sunday, August 1st
AU Holmes & AU Blue Bell

Registration opens: Noon
Deckbuilding starts: 1 PM


Entry fee: $35
Each player gets 6 booster packs of Battle of Omni to use to build their deck, PLUS the Kimeramon participation promo and a Battle of Omni Pre-Release Pack!

Format: SEALED, Swiss-Style, maximum of 4 rounds
Each player receives 6 packs of the upcoming set to use to build a 40 card deck, and a 0-5 card Digi-Egg deck. Deckbuilding will be 45 minutes, followed by 4 rounds of swiss.

Click here for important info on the Sealed format:

4 – 0: 10 Battle of Omni packs, plus the Silver Foil Parallel Design AeroVeedramon promo!!!
3 – 1: 5 Battle of Omni packs
2 – 2: 2 Battle of Omni packs
All other records get 1 pack