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 Post subject: To All Generals,
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2017 9:14 pm 
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To All,
Over the past nine years it has been a lot of fun both running and playing in our local tournaments. I have made some good friends and would like to continue to host/run these events and continue these relationships. But there is a old problem that seems to be getting worse.
 A few years ago I sent a memo with one of the tournament results asking players to police their game play and their lists, but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears. I even posted at the top of the tournament posts for a few months. I eventually took it down in effort to treat all players and the hobby with the respect that is deserved. 
 Last year I worked with one of our players to tame our list construction, make a ban list etc... in an effort to try and correct this problem. But I backed off for a couple reasons, one because of the ever changing landscape of the game that list would quickly become outdated and would take a lot of work to keep updated.
Then I asked a few of our regular players about getting in line with the bigger independent tournament circuit rules. Most of those players couldn't agree with which one to go with, and honestly I didn't want to go with them for my own reasons. This hobby is meant to be a place of joy to distract us from all of our own nonsense and stress. The fact that I have to type this is a little bit extreme. I'm not sure if anyone noticed our dwindling numbers... most of those players that left are no longer playing or no longer play outside of their own small group. We used to be able to claim that we were a large of players built off a bunch of smaller groups. Over the last few months I have had a few players outright come to me and say I'm not coming anymore, their reasons have all been the same. They are tired of coming and get trounced by the over competitive nature that the tournament atmosphere seems to be brought out in some. Yesterday at the tournament I had two more players come to me and complain about the very same thing. I'm not sure if EVERYONE realizes. If you chase players out the door. There will be no one left for you to play. See... I have a fix for that and it's not the one I want.
The point of this is to get players for the last time to tame their lists and their game play. If this doesn't happen we will cease to have tournaments and organized play. Both tournaments and organized play generate profit for the store and in turn the store supports our events by generously providing extra prize support at all of our events. I enjoy the hobby and the game and like to see other players enjoy it as well. It's not just because "I'm the stores 40k guy". Eventually there will be no one playing, if no ones playing eventually the store stops carrying the product... do you see where this goes.
I understand that some players idea of fun is the over competitive play style, guess what... it's not mine and obviously it's not our player base's idea of fun either. So if you are in that part of the group that likes this style of play and that is your idea of fun. I apologize and hopefully you will understand where the rest of us are coming from. But not everyone else wants to see your next "_____ star or ______ bomb" Not sure if everyone realizes this but. Games Workshop doesn't intend this game to be as competitive as it has become. Because of this inherently the game isn't balanced so yes... legally you can take multiple Wraitknights, and a cent bomb with screamer star, the never ending Tzeentch demon combo etc....But this isn't helping our hobby at least as it pertains to "OUR GAME"
I don't want to loose players but if it comes down to trying to please everyone then no one is pleased. I know some of you will shrug and laugh etc.. about this letter. But it is what it is....If this trend continues we will have serious difficulty in holding organized play. I hope this gets thru to everyone and if not please do not attend our organized play. If this deters players from playing at Alternate Universes then sorry and I hope you find happiness playing elsewhere. On the other hand if it continues you may be asked not to attend our organized events.


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 Post subject: Re: To All Generals,
PostPosted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:47 pm 

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I play to have fun. I play to win but in the end taking stuff that is clearly broken, way undepointed, or for use in very large games is not fun to me. Many of the formations that allow for taking more of unit type then normally allowed in a cad or can only be countered by itself are usually the culprit in making the game in fun.

I can lose all 3 games and still have fun if I thought I had a chance at least two of the games. I don't get to play too much anyway.

Most of the crazy shenanigans occur with the formations. Although they can make for some cool types of games, they are not chosen because of cool but because they have a game breaking mechanic. Sorry but let's be real here.

My recommendation is to eliminate the formations from competitive play. Just the regular cad.

Make refillable saves a max of 4+

I would go out on a limb and say that the max of elite, fast attack, or heavy support should be two choices unless you run 6 troops. That would help eliminate the spam. Since everything comes in squads now anyway you can still get 6 of most things on the board anyway.

Also D should be gone in under 2000k. Treat it as 10 ap1 ordnance.

I am just tired of a sub set of guys waving their geek dicks around. There are other places you can do that at. I don't just judge my existence by a game of toy soldiers.

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