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 Post subject: King of the Hill 4/3
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Holmes King of the Hill Tournament

Entrance Fee: 10$

10$ covers up to three months of King of the hill play, unless you are retired as Grand Champion. If you are retired as a Grand Champion, you have to re-enter the tournament and pay an additional 10$.

The first games will begin on April 3.

… are the rules if there are any questions please contact Jack/Craig:
The King of the Hill tournament has player tags for each participant that can be moved up and down the “Hill” to show each player's present standing. Each tag shows the player's name, contact information

In general, players on each tier may challenge any player on the next higher tier to a match by contacting that person and arranging a time to play. If you are on the bottom tier, you may challenge anyone on the next higher tier. However, if you are on a higher tier, then you may only challenge if you have successfully defended your present position.

Bottom Tier
The bottom tier is the lowest tier that is more than half full. If the lowest tier is half full or less than half full, it is counted as part of the tier above, and the second lowest and the lowest tier both are considered the bottom tier.

Challenge Tokens
When you successfully defend your spot, you get a challenge token, and you may then spend your challenge token to challenge a player on the next higher tier. If you win, your position is switched on the Challenge Board with the tag of the person you defeated (but you no longer have a challenge token, and must earn another by defending your new position). If you lose, your opponent gets your challenge token, and you must earn another).

The player on the top position is the current champion of the Challenge Board. Each time the champion successfully defends his position, he gets a challenge token, and if he wins four tokens he shall retire as Grand Champion (with his name commended through the ages of Victory Games history) and may re-enter the Challenge Board. However, if the champion is defeated, he falls to the bottom tier, and the resulting openings on the Challenge Board are filled randomly by players from the next lower tier.

Army List
You should have a printed army list that clearly shows all essential information about your army, and your opponent has a right to see your list prior to the game (and modify his army accordingly, if desired). *Battlescribe on a mobile device is acceptable.
Painting/ Proxies, as always you are encouraged to play with fully painted armies, but you are not required to do so. Proxies, should be kept to a minimum. (t.o.’s discretion)
All games will be played 1000points. Battle forged, one detachment, no Lords of war!
All games must be played on an area at least 4' x 4'. Prior to the choice of scenario, you and your opponent may select and lay out terrain in turns in an agreeable manner. * Terrain must comply with normal Alternate Universes tournament standards.

You and your opponent must select a scenario from the Blue Bell Tournament packets.

Frequency of Play
You should play at least one game every other week, if two weeks pass without you playing a game, then I will swap your tag with that of a randomly selected player who has a challenge token from the next lower tier (if you have a challenge token, you would not lose it as the result of this swap, but the randomly selected player would). Thus, if you fail to play games, you will keep moving lower until you get to the bottom tier.

If Nobody Will Challenge You
If three weeks pass without you receiving a challenge, then I will issue you a free challenge token. If four weeks pass and no challenges have been issued to the top player, he shall retire as Grand Champion, and the two players in the second tier shall be moved to the bottom tier, with the resulting openings on filled randomly by players with challenge tokens.

Multiple Armies
You may play multiple armies during the challenge tournament. You must tell you opponent what army you plan to play when you agree to a game.

Starting Over
Once you have retired as grand champion you are no longer allowed to use that army on the challenge board. The board is cleared and the general receives a prize! (Based off of player participation) If you wish to play on the challenge board again you may do so by paying an additional entrance fee.


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