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Manfest IX: so much Nein it’s almost 10

Arrival Time: 9:00am Please be on time., we have a lot to accomplish before we set up. Entrance Fee - $20 - Includes meal, drink (Pizza/Beverage) The rest goes towards prize support.


1) Jack R
2) Tj
3) Craig
4) Charles R
5) Dan S
6) Mike C
7) Mike M
8.) Brad S
9) Dave S
10) Shane
11) Jenny
12) Frank S
13) Mike F
14) Jay
15) ...

Army Construction

Force org: All players must follow the rules for army construction listed below.

If for some reason you can’t meet these restrictions below please contact me, arrangements can be made to suit your Manfest needs! (example.... large Titanic vehicles that brake that would invalidate your “idea of fun” The idea is to keep some of the confusion to minimum, not to hamper what players can bring to event of this size.

Points: 4,500pts
All players are asked to bring an additional 500pts. These points may be used to help balance out the side if there is a drop for example....

List construction: there are two acceptable methods.

First Method - Unbound: (sort of) your army must fit into a detachment or detachments. (Up to three) 1st detachment - You must select a core army (sharing keywords, chapter tactics etc.), all units in this detachment must come from that core army. 2nd detachment (Allied Detachment)If you select any allies they must fit into a second detachment (sharing keywords, chapter tactics etc.), all units in this detachment must come from a single army. 3rd detachment (Super Heavies) - if you wanted take super heavies here is where they fit in. Follow normal rules for a super heavy detachment. (You can only take one super heavy detachment)

If you choose to use this method in building your list the rule of three is not in effect!

By using this method you forfeit all command points and cannot earn any by any means.

Second method - Bound
Up to four, using normal detachment rules.

Super heavy Detachment: One per army

A battle forged army is rewarded with an additional 3 command points. These are in addition to any command points earned from your detachments. You cannot have a partially Battle Forged army to earn any bonuses.

If you choose to use this method in building your list the rule of three becomes the rule of six!

Whether your army is battle forged or not you must nominate a Core army and a Warlord!

*Warlords: Warlord Titans cannot be nominated as your warlord!

i.e. imperium/ chaos is not an army, Ultramarines, World Eaters or Cadian is an army...

Core Army: Your core army must be one Codex (Source).
Example: if you are playing space marines all units must come from Codex: Space marine and be the same chapter. If you are playing Imperial guard all units must come from Codex: Astra militarium codex and be the same Regiment. Units that are exempt via their codex/index are exceptions. i.e. Priests etc.. (please contact Jack R. For further clarifications)

Imperial Armour (Forge World) units are considered an extension of your core codex. Following normal list construction rules for a battle forged army.

If you choose to ally an army into your army. It must have its own detachment, an allied detachment must be approved by one of the two Jacks or Craig. Allied detachments cannot account for more than 2,000pts of your army. You can ally in a second founding/chapter/ regiment/Hive world/Craftworlds etc. from your core codex. This counts towards the maximum allotted points for allies. If you plan on making the next broken combo and can't justify the allegiance. It will not be allowed Manfest is supposed to be fun, allies are to allow players flesh out their army. I know this isn't necessarily the proper terminology.

Fortifications: All are allowed, nothing too large (physically) there will be plenty of terrain and other models on the table to begin with.

You may only take one of any named character in your army.

Lords of War (clarification): Must share at least one Keyword, if possible should come from the same source (as described above) Example: Grey knights or Ad-Mech don’t have direct access to a warhound Titan. But they share a Keyword making it possible for a grey knight player to include one in their force.

Generals:The t.o.’s will decide the two generals to represent opposing teams. This is done to help with communication throughout the day. Generals will partly be chosen based off of experience and in game knowledge. Generals are required to make “quick” in game decisions and with all of the confusion. This is something I’m open to discuss with all players to make an informed decision.

Teams: once generals are chosen by the t.o.’s. Players will be given a choice of which general they would like to join. The players and generals are now a team. In the event the teams are out of balance the teams will then be reshaped by the t.o.’s. (Balanced out)

If you have something in mind and it doesn’t fit into either of these two methods like I said above, please contact Jack or Craig. If there is a fair way to make it work. We are all game....

Deployment/First turn

Generals bid command points for deployment. They can bid as many command points as their team currently has. (Total available command points of all players on their team) Command points that are bid are considered spent and cannot be recovered!

Winning bid: The team that bids the most command points wins their choice of deployment zone and who goes first. This makes their team “First Player” (they pick their deployment zone, & will have first turn)

Losing bid: The team that bid the least amount of command points retain their command points and is awarded the command points that the winning team spent during the bid process. The general splits up the newly acquired command points amongst their teammates in the manner that they choose and returns the command points to the players that were spent during the bid process. I.e. return the command points each player spent during the bid process and divide up the newly acquired command points awarded from the winning team to their teammates. The is makes their team “Second Player”

Stealing the initiative: No!

So bid wisely!

Once the bidding process is complete each team’s general goes over their teams command points with the T.O.

The generals then have a few minutes to discuss the map with their teammates.

Once the deployment zones are set. Each player will simultaneously place an objective marker on the table in their deployment zone. No marker can be with in 18” of another.

Once the t.o. gives the signal .... all players will deploy their entire army within 24” of that marker and wholly within their own deployment zone. Anything not deployed is considered either to be destroyed, held in reserves or placed later using their own special rules on their data sheets.

Once deployment is finished before the game begins the Second player general will have the option of making up four “Redeployments.”

These redeployments are limited to:
* Moving (non lord of war) units from the table into reserves. (See below)
* Moving units from reserves on to the table.
* Moving any unit on the table from within their deployment zone.

Any unit moved in any of these manners must end their “redeployment” wholly within their deployment zone or renter the game via reserves.

The first player does not have an option to react to these moves (redeployments). The redeployments count as part of the deployment process.

Reserves: Each player can put up to 25% of their total units (rounding up) into reserves. Units that you chose to hold in reserve are non lord of war units that normally cannot enter the game after the game starts. When a unit arrives from reserves they come in from their armies marked table edges (see map) at the end of their movement phase. A unit that comes in from reserves can move up to their maximum movement in the movement phase, but must end their movement (including advancing) more than 9” from any enemy unit. Units arriving from reserves count as moving but otherwise act normally.

All units held in reserve must arrive can come in turn 1 but no later than turn 2, otherwise they count as being destroyed

Reserves: units using the Manfest “Reserves” special rule, can only enter the board in the assigned areas (see map). These areas are marked in bold in their deployment zone. * Units using their own “specialized” delayed deployment rules. Can enter the map/ play area as their codex/index describes.


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