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MTG Time Spiral Remastered Pre-Orders are OPEN!

Time Spiral Remastered Pre-Orders now OPEN at AU!

🌀 Magic: the Gathering Time Spiral Remastered pre-orders are now OPEN at your local Alternate Universes location! 🌀

Pre-order a booster box of Time Spiral Remastered for $219.99! Limit 2 per person! 🕑

Time Spiral Remastered combines cards from the classic MTG sets Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight into a fresh, draftable set! Each Time Spiral Remastered booster box includes 36 booster packs!

Time Spiral Remastered also features the return of TIMESHIFTED cards! ⏳ Each Time Spiral booster pack will include 1 Timeshifted card, bringing the total to 16 cards a pack!

Time Spiral Remastered launches on March 19th! Stop by your local AU today to pre-order your boxes, and mark March 19th on your calendar! 🗓️

Digimon Card Game Special Booster Ver. 1.5 Pre-Orders Now Open!

Digimon Card Game Ver. 1.5 Pre-Orders now open at AU!

📟 Digimon Card Game Release Special Booster Ver. 1.5 Pre-Orders are now available at Alternate Universes! 📟

Thank you to everyone who preordered with us! Pre-orders are all SOLD OUT! Look forward to the official release of Ver. 1.5 on March 12th!

📢📢📢 Limit 2 boxes per person! 📢📢📢

Each booster box comes with 2 Dash Packs! Each box also includes one of 6 parallel design Digimon cards as a box topper, and a Special Box Promotion Pack that includes 1 of 3 pairs of cards!

Digimon Special Boosters Ver. 1.0 and Ver. 1.5 comprise the first three Digimon Card Game sets already released in Japan! From this point forward, the English releases will be caught up with the Japanese releases.

Be sure to join our Digimon Card Game community on Discord! You can get updates on new releases and restocks, ask the AU staff questions, or find a Digimon opponent to battle in one of our voice channels!

Digimon Card Game Release Special Booster Ver. 1.5 launches on Friday, March 12th!

MTG Kaldheim is available now at Alternate Universes!

MTG Kaldheim available now at Alternate Universes!

⚔️ Magic: the Gathering Kaldheim is available now at all three Alternate Universes locations! ⚔️

Booster Boxes of any kind come with the Buy-A-Box Promo Realmwalker while supplies last!

We have a case that’s stocked with the newest card singles, and we are always buying! 💸 If you have any cards you want to trade, stop by one of our stores! We’d love to take a look!

🔥 ALL Bundles are now the new low price of $39.99! 🔥

Each Kaldheim Bundle includes 10 Draft Booster Packs, 20 foil basic lands (not snow), 20 non-foil basic lands (not snow), 1 Bundle-exclusive alt art promo, 1 Bundle-exclusive oversized spindown life counter, and the box itself is the perfect size to store your new cards!

Kaldheim Draft Booster Packs are $4.25; sealed Draft Boxes are $120!

Kaldheim Set Booster Packs are $5.50; sealed Set Boxes are $150!

Kaldheim Collector Booster Packs are $24.99! A full Collector Booster Box Display is $275!

Kaldheim Commander Decks are $19.99! Try the White/Blue Phantom Premonition Deck or the Black/Green Elven Empire deck! They’re great for getting into the MTG Commander format!

👀 Kaldheim Prerelease Packs are still available for $29.99!

Prerelease Packs come with 6 Kaldheim Draft Boosters, 1 foil promo-stamped Rare or Mythic Rare, and 1 spindown counter!

We also have a number of gorgeous official Kaldheim accessories, including playmats, deckboxes, and sleeves! Stop by to browse our selections!

Join us for Friday Night Magic on our official Discord Server! Click in on a Friday night, or any other time to find a remote pick-up game!

Shop small and stop by your local AU for all your Kaldheim needs! 🤘

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blazing Vortex is out now!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blazing Vortex out now at Alternate Universes!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blazing Vortex is out NOW at Alternate Universes!

Stop by the AU location nearest you to pick some up today!

🔥 Booster boxes of Blazing Vortex are $85! 🚒💦 Individual booster packs are $4!

Don’t forget about the Lost Art Promotion! When you spend $30 or more on sealed Yugioh products, you’ll get the current Lost Art Promo!

Come meet our Yu-Gi-Oh! community on Discord! We’re starting FREE weekly Remote Duel tournaments soon where you can win the latest OTS packs! 😏