Upcoming Releases

GameSetRelease Date*
Yu-Gi-Oh!Duel Overload3/20/20
Secret Slayers4/3/20
Mechanized Madness Structure Deck4/17/20
Eternity Code5/1/20
Speed Duel Match of the Millennium and Twisted Nightmares Starter Decks5/15/20
Toon Chaos6/19/20
Legendary Duelists: Season 17/2/20
Magic: the GatheringMystery Booster3/13/20
Challenger Decks 20204/3/20
Ikoria Lair of Behemoths4/24/20
Zendikar RisingQ4 2020
Commander LegendsQ4 2020
Pokemon TCGTag Team Powers Collection3/27/20
Collector Chest4/3/20
Galar Pals Mini Tin4/3/20
Snorlax/Morpeko Pin Collection4/3/20
Cardfight!! VanguardThe Astral Force4/3/20
Chronojet, Altmile, and Ahsha Trial Decks5/8/20
The Next Stage6/5/20
Dragon Ball Super Card GameUniverse 7 Unison and Universe 11 Unison Expansion Sets5/1/20
Unison Warrior Series Rise of the Unison WarriorJune 2020
Spirit of Potara, Clan Collusion, and Saiyan Wonder Starter DecksJune 2020
Premium Pack Set 01June 2020
Special Anniversary Box 20207/17/20
Dungeons & DragonsExplorer's Guide to Wildemount3/17/20
Mythic Odysseys of Theros6/2/20
KeyForgeMass MutationMay 2020

* dates subject to change