Upcoming Releases

GameSetRelease Date*
Magic: the GatheringSecret Lair: Ultimate 2IN
Modern Horizons 2IN
Adventures in the Forgotten RealmsIN
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt9/24
Innistrad: Crimson Vow11/19
Yu-Gi-Oh!Ancient GuardiansIN
Lightning OverdriveIN
Egyptian God Decks: Slifer the Sky Dragon/Obelisk the TormentorIN
King's CourtIN
Egyptian God Accessories7/28
Dawn of Majesty8/11
2021 Tin of Ancient Battles9/15
Brothers of Legend9/29
Cyber Strike Structure Deck10/6
Burst of Destiny10/20
I:P Masquerena Accessories11/3
Speed Duel Battle City Box11/17
Hidden Arsenal: Chapter 112/1
Pokemon TCGBattle StylesIN
Venusaur/Blastoise VMAX Battle BoxesIN
Urshifu Single Strike and Rapid Strike V BoxesIN
Chilling ReignIN
Evolving Skies8/23
Cardfight!! VanguardoverDress Special Series 01: Festival Collection 2021IN
overDress Booster Pack 02: A Brush with the LegendsIN
Special Series 09 “Revival Selection"9/3
Dragon Ball Super Card GameSupreme RivalryIN
Saiyan Boost & Namekian Boost Expansion SetsIN
Cross SpiritsAugust 2021
Pride of the Saiyans & Darkness Reborn Starter DecksAugust 2021
Special Anniversary Box 2021September 2021
Unison Warrior Series Set 06November 2021
Mythic BoosterNovember 2021
Digimon Card GameGiga Green, Venomous Violent, & Machine Black Starter DecksIN
Great Legend BoosterIN
Battle of Omni Booster8/6
Double Diamond Booster10/8
Gallantmon & UlforceVeedramon Starter Decks10/8

* dates subject to change