Special Events

DBS Saiyan Showdown Pre-Sale and SEALED Tournament – October 30th at Alternate Universes

DBS Card Game Saiyan Showdown Prerelease at Alternate Universes

DBS Card Game Saiyan Showdown Pre-Sale Events – Oct. 29th—Nov. 4th

We’re holding Dragon Ball Super Card Game Saiyan Showdown Pre-Sales from October 29th—November 4th! During the Pre-Sale, you can buy booster boxes of Saiyan Showdown before the official release on November 5th! The Pre-Sale is going on at all 3 stores!

Each box purchased during the Pre-Sale comes with a Saiyan Showdown Pre-Release Pack along with a Super Rare (SR) or Special Rare (SPR) box topper card!

DBS Card Game Saiyan Showdown SEALED Pre-release Tournament – Oct. 30th at AU Blue Bell

On Saturday, October 30th we’re holding a Saiyan Showdown SEALED Pre-release tournament at AU Blue Bell! This tournament is being held alongside the Pre-Sale event, meaning don’t need to play in the tournament to buy a Saiyan Showdown booster box!

Entry: $35
Each player gets 6 packs of Saiyan Showdown to use to build a deck and play for 4 rounds! Saiyan Showdown booster pack prizes will be awarded based on win/loss record.

Start time: 2 PM

Participation Promos, Prerelease Packs, and Prize Promos will be given out while supplies last!

4 – 0: 10 Saiyan Showdown packs
3 – 1: 5 Saiyan Showdown packs
2 – 2: 2 Saiyan Showdown packs
All other records get 1 Saiyan Showdown pack

Yugioh Burst of Destiny Sneak Peeks – October 30th & 31st

Yugioh Burst of Destiny Sneak Peeks at Alternate Universes

Yu-Gi-Oh Burst of Destiny Premiere! Sneak Peek Events
Saturday, October 30th at all three stores, plus October 31st at AU Blue Bell!

A Yu-Gi-Oh Premiere! Event AKA Sneak Peek is a casual event where you can buy packs and boxes of Burst of Destiny before the official release! If you buy 5 or more packs of Burst of Destiny, you get the Premiere! Field Center card (while supplies last), and entry into our Premiere! Playmat and Ultra Rare promo giveaways! The Sneak Peek runs all day from open to close.

We’re also holding a Sneak Peek tournament at each store during the event! You don’t have to enter the tournament to participate in the Sneak Peek. Burst of Destiny cards are legal during the tournament!


Tournament entry: $10
Each player gets 2 OTS Packs for entering

AU Holmes
Sat. October 30th
1:00 PM

AU Blue Bell
Sat. October 30th + Sun. October 31st
1:00 PM

AU Wilmington
Sat. October 30th
2:00 PM

Format: Advanced Constructed, Swiss, 4 rounds (or 3 rounds depending on attendance), no Top Cut
Burst of Destiny cards are legal during the tournament.

4 Rounds:
4 – 0: 10x $4 Yugioh packs
3 – 1: 5x $4 Yugioh packs

3 Rounds:
3 – 0: 7 $4 Yugioh packs
2 – 1: 3 $4 Yugioh packs

Yugioh Burst of Destiny Ultra Rare Promo, Playmat, and Field Center Card

Digimon Card Game 1K Tournament – Saturday, November 6th at AU Blue Bell

Digimon Card Game 1K Tournament at AU Blue Bell

We’re holding a Digimon Card Game 1K Tournament at AU Blue Bell on Saturday, November 6th!

A 1K is a special Digimon Card Game tournament where we give away a total of $1,000 worth of store credit as prizes! There is no cap on this event.

Alternate Universes Blue Bell
Penn Square Shopping Center
213 W. Germantown Pike
East Norriton, PA 19401

Format: Constructed, Swiss-style rounds, Best of 3 Matches, Top 8 cut

Entry fee: $30

Registration opens: 11 AM
Tournament starts: Noon

1st Place: $400 store credit
2nd Place: $200 store credit
3rd & 4th: $100 store credit each
5th–8th: $50 store credit each