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Close Front Welcome to Alternate Universes!Holmes Store Hours

Until further notice, the hours at all stores are as follows:

Monday – Friday: Noon – 8:00 PM

Saturday – Sunday: Noon – 5:00 PM

MacDade Plaza
2129 MacDade Blvd
Holmes, PA 19043

Click here to read our COVID-19 safety guidelines

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Alternate Universes’ COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

Alternate Universes is currently OPEN for retail sales.  However, until further notice we have closed our play areas and cancelled all organized play events at each location.

Following the guidelines set out by the governors of PA & DE, we are taking the following precautions at each Alternate Universes location:

•  All customers and staff are required to wear face coverings, and we ask that customers practice proper social distancing.

•  No more than 6 customers are allowed in the store at one time.

•  Customers are asked to wear disposable gloves (provided by us) while handling binders or cards.

•  Customers are not permitted to use the bathrooms.

As well, each store undergoes thorough cleaning before and after opening.  Thank you for helping us keep our community safe during these difficult times!

Modified hours at all 3 stores:

Monday — Friday: Noon to 8:00 PM
Saturday & Sunday: Noon to 5:00 PM


MTG Double Masters Boxes and VIP Pack Pre-Orders Still Available!

mtg double masters logo

MTG Double Masters pre-orders are available now!

Double Masters Booster Box
$295 in-store // $300 online

Double Masters VIP Edition Pack
$90 in-store // $96 online

Double Masters releases August 7th, so get your orders in while you can!


Pokemon TCG Darkness Ablaze Take-Home Prerelease

pokemon sword and shield darkness ablaze prerelease products

In lieu of an in-store prerelease, Pokemon TCG Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle Boxes will be available for purchase at Alternate Universes! Take one home and build your own deck weeks before the set’s official release!

Build & Battle Boxes will be available at any AU location for $25 if you purchase in-store, or $30 with free shipping if you purchase online!  If you’d like to pick up in store, call ahead and we’ll hold your boxes for you up to two days.

Each Build & Battle Box includes:

  • 4x Darkness Ablaze booster packs
  • 1x 23-card “evolution pack” to help you round your packs out into your own deck
  • 1x Darkness Ablaze Prerelease Promo, exclusive to the Build & Battle Boxes
  • 3x MORE Darkness Ablaze booster packs (for a total of 7 packs!)

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze Build & Battle Boxes will be available beginning August 1st; the set’s official release is Friday, August 10th. Pokemon Sword & Shield Darkness Ablaze booster box pre-orders are still available!


Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Duelist Pre-Orders Now Available

Yugioh Rise of the Duelist logo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Duelist box pre-orders are available now!

$85 in-store // $90 online

Free shipping and in-store pickup when purchasing online!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rise of the Duelist releases August 7th!


Pokémon TCG Darkness Ablaze Pre-Orders Now Available!

pokemon tcg darkness ablaze logo

Pokemon TCG Darkness Ablaze booster boxes are now available for pre-order!

$120 in-store // $125 online

Free shipping and in-store pickup when purchasing online!

Pokemon Darkness Ablaze releases August 14th!