Welcome to Alternate Universes!

We are a family-owned game store with three locations in the Greater Philadelphia area, plus an online store!  Come in and play your favorite collectable card or miniatures game at our clean, well lit facilities! We provide plenty of table space for free open play every day.  We buy & sell single cards for Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! & Pokemon at all of our stores.  Stop by and say hello!

We are very happy to announce that Alternate Universes has opened an online store selling singles and sealed product of Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon and more!


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Alternate Universes Autumn Rummage Sale! – October 10th-18th at AU Blue Bell

Alternate Universes Rummage Sale

We here at Alternate Universes have some stuff. And I mean some STUFF. If you’ve ever been to our Blue Bell location and been into one of the basements, imagine one of them just filled with stuff. That’s the situation we have. So this October, from Saturday the 10th through Sunday the 18th, we’re having a Rummage Sale at AU Blue Bell!

Alternate Universes Blue Bell
Penn Square Shopping Center
213 W. Germantown Pike
East Norriton, PA 19401

If you don’t know what a Rummage Sale is, think of it like a yard sale. We’re going to pile things from our basement onto tables set up in the game room at Blue Bell. Customers will be welcome to search through the stuff in there for neat finds, keeping in mind our COVID safety guidelines.

Expect tables full of things to root through, with discounts of up to 90% off!! We know that sounds crazy, but trust us, we have some STUFF. You can expect random gaming accessories like binders, card sleeves, deckboxes; forgotten board games; TTRPG books and adventures; old card game booster packs; weird minis; things from current card games too; and honestly who knows what else? Part of the fun is the rummaging, right?

So stop in to AU Blue Bell anytime from Saturday the 10th through Sunday the 18th and see what weird cool stuff you can find!

Pokemon Vivid Voltage Pre-Orders at Alternate Universes

Pokémon TCG Vivid Voltage logo

Pokémon Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage pre-orders
are now open at Alternate Universes!

Build and Battle Box Pre-orders are open thru Oct. 30th! 🎃 Booster Box Pre-orders are open thru Nov. 8th!

Orders are shipped to arrive as close to release day as possible! Stop in to your local AU or click one of the links below to pre-order!!

Vivid Voltage Build & Battle Boxes each come with three bonus packs!

Vivid Voltage Build & Battle Box (a.k.a. Prerelease Kit) + 3 booster packs
$30 in-store // $30 online

Pokemon TCG Vivid Voltage Booster Box

Vivid Voltage Booster Box
$120 in-store // $125 online

Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage Booster Box Pre-Orders

Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage logo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage Pre-Orders are now OPEN at Alternate Universes!
Pre-Orders are open thru Nov. 4th! Pre-order in-store or by clicking below!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Phantom Rage booster box

Phantom Rage Booster Box
$80 in-store // $85 online

Phantom Rage Booster Case (12 booster boxes)
$840 in-store // $875 online

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold Pre-Orders Now Open!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold Pre-Orders are open now at Alternate Universes!
Pre-Orders are open thru Nov. 11th! Maximum Gold releases on Nov. 12th!
Stop in to your local AU to pre-order or order online by clicking below!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold

Maximum Gold Box
$29.99 in-store // $32.99 online

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold Display

Maximum Gold Display (5 boxes)
$134.99 in-store // $139.99 online

Yu-Gi-Oh! Maximum Gold Case

Maximum Gold Case (20 boxes)
$499.99 in-store // $499.99 online

Digimon Card Game Pre-Orders Available Now!

Digimon Card Game logo

The new Digimon Card Game by Bandai is releasing in English on Nov. 27th!

Pre-orders are now open in-store and online!
Each pre-ordered box comes with two Box Toppers and two Dash Packs!
Stop in to your favorite AU or click the links below to pre-order today!

Digimon Card Game booster box

Special Booster Box Ver. 1.0
$79.99 in-store // 84.99 online


Digimon Card Game starter decks

Starter Decks: Gaia Red, Cocytus Blue, or Heaven’s Yellow
$9.99 in-store // $11.99 online

Alternate Universes Blue Bell is now a WPN Premium Store!

We are proud to announce that Alternate Universes Blue Bell in East Norriton, PA has officially been designated a WPN Premium Store!

Thanks to the hard work of our employees and the dedication of our community, AU Blue Bell has officially become a WPN Premium store. Over the past months, we’ve been working hard to improve our store and thus your playing experience with us. Our Blue Bell store has been remodeled with new paint, carpets, bathrooms, tables, signs, monitors, and more. Only about 5% of WPN retailers have become WPN Premium stores. Achieving this status means that we’ve reached a point where our store provides one of the highest quality gaming experiences you can get from any LGS, and it’s not just because of our looks. It’s because we as a business are committed to providing a very high quality experience to our players. When you come to our store, you can expect a clean, professional, friendly, and fun environment. And now that we’ve reached Premium status, we’ll be able to make your experience even better. We’ll be able to hold exclusive events when they’re available, and offer exclusive products and promos. You’ll notice a couple of other changes around the store as time goes on, and as we continue to work closely with Wizards of the Coast.

Thank you to our community. Without our thriving, enthusiastic, and all-around wonderful community of players these past 16 or so years, we wouldn’t have been considered for this achievement. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or have just learned about us this year, thank you! We look forward to continuing to provide the best gaming experience that we can, and we hope that you’ll continue to join us.

Join The Alternate Universes Discord Server!

Discord app logo


We made an official Alternate Universes Discord server!

Now you can connect with us even though our physical stores are closed for the time being. Our online store is still open!

Request singles and products, play games with others over video chat, get updates on events and store news, and participate in events such as Magic: the Gathering FNM at Home or our weekly Yu-Gi-Oh! remote duel tournaments!