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Disney Lorcana Set 5: Shimmering Skies Preorders at Alternate Universes

July 23rd, 2024

Disney Lorcana Set 5: Shimmering Skies PREORDERS
are now open at Alternate Universes!
Stop by your local AU or call with your card today to preorder yours!

Disney Lorcana: Shimmering Skies Preorders

Booster Boxes // $119.99
Set of 2 Starter Decks // $29.99
Illumineer’s Trove // $59.99 – Limit 1 Per Person

Disney Lorcana: Ursula’s Return preorders can be picked up after the set’s release on Friday, August 9th!

Join our Lorcana Leagues or weekly tournaments! They’re a great way to learn the game and meet others in the Disney Lorcana community!

Disney Lorcana Organized Play at Alternate Universes

September 8th, 2023

Disney Lorcana Organized Play at Alternate Universes

Disney Lorcana Organized Play
Lorcana League and Lorcana Tournaments
Every Week at Alternate Universes

Alternate Universes is part of the official Disney Lorcana Hobby Store Program and Organized Play program! That means every week, we hold Disney Lorcana League and weekly tournaments at each of our three locations!

If you want to see Lorcana succeed and thrive, one of the best ways to help is to attend your local events, and bring your friends, too!

Lorcana League

Lorcana League is a fun, FREE weekly event where you can earn League Points to win prizes, and be a part of your local Lorcana community!

Lorcana League times are as follows:

Wednesdays 6 pm @ AU Wilmington
Thursdays 6 pm @ AU Blue Bell
Fridays 6 pm @ AU Holmes

As opposed to tournaments, Lorcana League is a free casual-style event, designed for players to hang out and play low-stakes games with one another at their leisure. Players earn 1 point for attending, 1 point for just playing a match, or 2 points instead if they win a match! Matches should be best 2-of-3. During League, players are responsible for finding their own matches with one another, as opposed to a tournament where players’ pairings are calculated for them. Players can earn a maximum of 10 points during one League.

A League round is 4 weeks of Lorcana League. A League season is 12 weeks of Lorcana League, or 3 rounds.

Prizes are awarded based on point totals after each round, and more prizes are awarded at the end of each season!
• Players with at least 3 points at the end of a round each get a random League promo card, and three of those players are randomly chosen to win a Lorcana pin.
• The player with the most points at the end of a round gets to pick two different promos, plus a Lorcana pin!
• At the end of each season, the 6 players with the most total points each get Lore counters, and random players with 8 or more total points at the end of a season each get Lorcana pins!

Weekly Lorcana Tournaments

Lorcana weekly tournaments take place every week during Lorcana League. That means you can attend Lorcana League AND play in the tournament, too!

Weekly Lorcana tournament times are as follows:

Wednesdays 7 pm @ AU Wilmington
Thursdays 7 pm @ AU Blue Bell
Fridays 7 pm @ AU Holmes

Registration opens at the start of League, one hour before the start of the tournament.

Entry fee: $10 ($15 if using store credit)

Format: Constructed, best 2-of-3 matches, 3 rounds maximum. Prizes are awarded based on a player’s win – loss – draw record after 3 rounds.

3 – 0: $40 store credit
2 – 0 – 1: $30 store credit
2 – 1: $20 store credit

Store credit is awarded on a reloadable AU gift card, and is redeemable at any of our three stores!